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Do you offer on-site photography, or are you studio based?

Both! I am capable of hosting photography events at my office location in Farnborough, in rented facilities all over the country, or on-site at our clients location. I am totally flexible. I own a full mobile studio setup with options for any environment (including those with no mains power).

Why do you not specialize in just one area of Photography?

While my main focus and passion is wildlife photography, I feel that focusing 100% on one specific area of photography would pidgin-hole me a little too much in terms of skill development.

I love working with people, however that doesn’t mean that I should only offer portraiture. I can take that singles and apply them to other areas such as Movie Photography Services. Within that service, I find that skills from other photography industries are paramount. Skills such as fast action photography, Lighting, composition, to name but a few.

What camera equipment do you use for your work?

Please see the Equipment section

I am fully kitted to offer studio photography, both at a home location and out in the great outdoors. Using portable studio kit I can provide studio-quality work at any location required, even in situations with no mains power.

Do you loan equipment?

Unfortunately due to the increase in demand for services (not to mention the sheer cost of the lenses I prefer) I cannot make my camera bodies or glass available for rental.

Can you answer my questions about photography / equipment / technique / etc?

Of course! I would be only too happy to help, and I love talking to others with a passion for photography! Please drop me an email using the Contact Page, and I will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Do you offer any Filming / Videography services?

Yes! Our filming services are handled under a separate subsidiary company – Alopex Productions. Please visit our sister site at alopex.tv.