Film Set & Behind-the-Scenes

TFindley Photography was born on a film set. From the first ever assignment as a behind-the-scenes photographer on the set for a commercial, to working as an Assistant Director and camera operators on films; we have a distinguished and varied history.

Let us work with you to ease your creative production. We offer a full pre-to-post services, which can ensure that your production has the professional quality of still photography required. We will covering everything from documentation of locations during scouting, to set continuity and action photography during the production shoot.

With our previous clients (such as After Dark Productions, Film Theatre and Kinetic Energy Films), many productions under our belt (including credit on movies and on IMDB), we feel this makes TFindley Photography the perfect choice for all movie production photography services.

We offer full Pre-to-Post Production photography services, including:

  • Location / Set photography
  • Cast / Crew photography (Casting Photography – including portraits, headshots, action shots)
  • BtS (Behind the Scenes) Photography
  • Continuity Photography
  • ‘During Action’ Photography
  • Promotional stills (posters, props, etc)
  • Department / Team Portfolios

Set Photography

Prior to the start of production, TFindley Photography can work with you to scout and document shooting locations. We ensure accurate photographs of any set or areas for scouting, which can later aid in planning camera and lighting positions, utilizing natural light sources, positioning actors, or simply restoring a set to its original condition prior to shooting.

During a shoot, we are able to photograph sets both creatively and for documentation purposes. These shots can later form part of the marketing materials, or simply for reference at a later date when referring back to previous production work. See also: Continuity Photography

Cast and Crew

More information coming soon!

BtS (Behind the Scenes)

Why not add a few Behind the Scenes stills to your production? We have extensive experience shooting candid and posed photographs of the production, covering everything from cast / crew interaction, set contraction, scene preparation, equipment usage, and even some of those light-hearted moments that everyone loves to remember.


Need a poster or DVD Cover for your production? We can work with you to create the perfect promotional still for just these purposes.

Continuity / Script Supervision

During shooting, we work closely with the Script Supervisor, Set Supervisor, and Directors to ensure as close to 100% continuity between scenes and re-takes as possible. Photos can be used to make minor changes to sets between shoots, or restore a set to how it looked on a previous day. Finally once the shoot is finished, photographs can be used to restore how the set looked prior to filming. This is increasingly important when shooting in public locations, or in private locations such as houses and offices where people where the set must be restored to how it was found prior to shooting.

Action Shots

We are skilled at shooting sequences, even while the camera is running, keeping out of frame and making no noise during takes, while the silent shooting mode on our cameras ensure that we can shoot during live takes with zero impact on the audio tracks. For exterior set locations we can utilize telephoto lenses to capture takes from long distance, limiting our presence on the stage.

For takes that cannot have any shooting during the filming process, we can photograph the scenes during the pre-take runs  or work with your cast and crew to re-enact certain parts of the scene to capture stunning images.


Film Set Photography is charged per day at £20 per hour for up to 5 hours. Shoots over 5 hours are charged at £30 per hour. For shoots over one day, a special day-rate is charged at £180 per day for a 7.5 hour working day (9am – 5pm with half hour lunch break)

(additional to hourly or daily rate)
1-5 Hours £20 Per Hour n/a Travel
5-7 Hours £30 Per Hour  n/a Travel + Food
2-5 Days n/a  £180 Travel + Food + Accommodation
  • Copyright for all photos will be held / owned by the contracting studio unless otherwise agreed prior to the shoot.
  • TFindley Photography Reserves the right to use any and all work for portfolios for TFindley Photography and its staff.


Geographic Areas Covered

Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, London, Greater London. For any other areas please contact me.

Local Film Studios

BBC London (Television and Radio studios), Shepperton Studios, Pinewood Studios, Longcross Studios. For other studios please contact me.

Need someone to act as a runner to help carry equipment? Or require an extra to help make up some numbers during a take? Our photographer has you covered. We readily acknowledge that a photographer on a film set is a critical roll, which is why Tristan has experience in many other film set rolls, including work as an extra, a runnercamera operatorboom operator, and even an Assistant Director (1st and 2nd).