Our photobooth is a way of bringing that professional photographic touch to your event! What makes our photobooth different is that it is constantly manned, giving your event that personal touch!


We are extremely proud of our PhotoBooth and Print-on-Demand service. Dating back to the inception of TFindley Photography, the PhotoBooth started life as a small two-strobe coloured background setup that was typically set up in the back of a small gazebo. Today, the PhotoBooth has evolved into something much bigger!

Our PhotoBooth is an large 8 x 7 set that acts as a backdrop for anything from a single person to a group of five or more! The set is lit using two rear strobe lights, and as many lights as required to light the subject(s). Typically we use between three and five strobes on any given PhotoBooth event.

The PhotoBooth is completely portable so can be set up at an event or at a venue. Mains power is recommended though not required unless you would like Printing.

Outdoor PhotoBooth

Have an outdoor venue? Thanks to portable wireless strobes we are even able to set up the PhotoBooth in outdoor locations without any mains power. We can even supply our own event shelter to house the PhotoBooth and all of the associated gear. Essentially this means we bring along an entire portable studio. What better way to give your event that unique selling point!

The Outdoor PhotoBooth has been used very successfully at many events, including on Quirk’s Animal Animal Roadshow, and at the Newbury County Fair and UK Wolf Conservation Trust with the Karluk Siberian Huskies.

More information is coming soon, and it’s worth waiting for! The photoBooth is cool! Until then, please Contact Us to find out more!

Print on Demand

The best way to see a finished photo is in print, but you don’t want to have to send them away for printing, waiting what can be weeks for the finished product to turn up in the mail. In this modern world, we want the finished product in our hand instantaneously. With our Print-on-Demand service, we bring studio quality printing right to the client, with lab-quality prints in their hand in less than 5 minutes!

Using our high quality software and printers, we can wirelessly receive a picture from the camera, and within minutes have that picture processed and printed. The picture is then framed and delivered to the customer in a clear protective bag designed to hold photographs, with room to spare for leaflet, business cards or any other materials.


The Photobooth is available with and without the Print-on-Demand service.

Photobooth with Print-on-Demand

Half Day: £40

Full Day: £65

6×4 Prints charged at £5 each (includes frame + photo bag)

Digital Prints charged at £7 each (High quality JPEG, emailed directly) or £5 with a print

Photobooth without Print-on-Demand

Half Day: £100

Full Day: £175

Digital Prints charged at £10 each (High quality JPEG, emailed directly)